Thiruttu Payale

12 Sep 2016 02:35:21 1
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Jeevan is sent to the city by his parents unable to put up with his arrogance. In Chennai, he comes across Malavika, wife of a rich young entrepreneur (Manoj K Jayan). She has a clandestine affair with Abbas, his husbandÕs friend. Jeevan captures their intimacy in a hidden camera and begins to blackmail her. He demands her to foot all his bills and even ventures on a trip abroad. Several attempts to get the video CD from him prove futile. Meanwhile in Australia, Jeevan comes across Sonia Agarwal and instantly falls in love with her. Soon she disappears. On his return to Chennai, he gets to know that Sonia was sent by Malavika on a mission to lure Jeevan. When Jeevan enquires about Sonia, Malavika wants him to hand over the CD and then she would help him meet her. The rest is about how all issues are sorted out and whether Jeevan is able to marry Sonia or not.

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