Vocal Coach Reacts To Andre Matos | Shaman Fairy Tale | Live | Ken Tamplin

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Vocal Coach Reacts To Andre Matos | Shaman Fairy Tale | Live | Ken Tamplin

It's always great to learn about artists from other parts of the world so I always appreciate all of your recommendations.

Andre Matos is someone who has come up many times so I wanted to do a reaction to one of his performances.

Not only is Andre an incredibly talented singer, he's also a composer, producer and pianist who happened to be in some great Brazilian heavy metal bands throughout his career.

Matos started off playing the piano at 10 years old and joined his first band Viper when he was 13. Matos later left the band to pursue other interests and started to explore classical music.

He ended up going back to school to complete his education in music where he specialized in music composition and orchestral conducting.

Andre continued his musical career with bands like Angra and Shaman and at one point even auditioned to replace Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden where he finished third in the running.

For today's video I chose a performance to the song "Fairy Tale" when he was in the band Shaman. The song has a hauntingly beautiful melody and really stays with you.

I hope you all enjoy the video and let me know what you thought of his performance!

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