How Tattoos & Piercings Mess With Science

09 May 2015 03:55 505
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People with tattoos have reported having issues with the Apple watch pulse monitor due to pigmentation around their wrists, but what else do body modifications make difficult in the medical field?

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Apple Watch Hates Tattoos: An Expert Explains Why

“The Apple Watch’s wrist detection and pulse measurement features often fail to work when confronted by dark tattoos.”

Do MRI Machines Affect Tattoos?

“From infectious diseases to allergic reactions, tattoos carry many risks but one often overlooked safety hazard is how tattoos react to MRI scans.”

FDA Basics - Tattoos and Permanent Makeup

Tongue Piercings Damages Teeth, Gums

“Tongue piercing may not just be hard on parents' eyes but may also be damaging to kids' teeth and gums. A new study shows extended wear of barbell-type tongue jewelry can cause receding gums and chipped teeth.”


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