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08 Aug 2018 02:09 6
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View in 2 is intended to help you get smarter about YouTube in just 2 minutes. Each video will highlight a current trend or format on our platform, broken down with insights and ideas on how brands can take advantage.

While we’re all familiar with the notion of "Try It Before You Buy it", YouTube has added a new wrinkle to that old adage. Today, it’s "Let THEM Try It Before You Buy It" -- and its taking off -- watchtime of 'Does It Work?' videos grew by more than 1100% in the past two years. In this episode of View in 2, we explore how YouTube has changed our relationship with products through inventive product tests and reviews.

Created by: Jessica Hurley
Written by: Lee Sunga and Jessica Hurley

Resources and Links:
- 'Does It Work' Watchtime Source: YouTube Data, US, Classification "does it work" videos were based on public data such as headlines, tags, etc., and may not account for every such video available on YouTube, January - June 2015 & 2017
- What's Inside? What's inside WORLD'S MOST EXPENSIVE BOOMERANG?
- Yeti:

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