Amazing (Aerosmith) Poetry Lyrics Reading By Emma

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This would be the last song I'm reading, at least for now.
I love this song so much!
Steven Tyler sings it so beautifully that I almost couldn't feel comfortable reading it.
Eventually I did... Do you like it?

Here's a playlist of all the videos Iv'e done so far in this project:

About this project

Ever since I was very young, I always loved poetry.
I wouldn't settle for loving music and having my favorite songs and tunes.
The songs that I love? I got obsessed with them!

I had to understand, and sometimes even memorize the lyrics, that were'nt that easy to even find in the pre internet age.

It always bothered me that my friends and people around me were not like me.
They would scream false words while drunk and cluless in a club, or a show, never even really caring what the real lyrics are all about.

Now, as an adult - I take action!!

I intend to create many many videos like this one to honor the lyrics of so many beautiful songs that most people never actually listened to "poetry wise".

Can you tell, without using google, what are loved songs like these even talking about?

* "Blowin in the Wind", by Bob Dylan
* "Everybody Knows", by Leonard Cohen
* "Heal the world", by Michael Jackson
* "Under the Bridge", by Red Hot Chili Peppers
* "Lady Stardust", by David Bowie
* "My Immortal", by Evanessence

These are only some of the songs that I love so much and plan to honor their lyrics by creating videos for them.
I enjoy it so much and I re-learn to appreciate the lyrics myself while doing it.

Poetry lovers! Song lovers! Music lovers!

I invite you to join me on a journey of getting to know the songs from the beginning, sharing them with less informed friends and family members, and mostly:
Promoting the love and appreciation for poetry!

Please comment below if you have any song that you'd like me to read and create a video for.
I promise to do my best to prioritize songs that the audience want.

Everything is welcome as long as the lyrics are... well... lyrics!
I have nothing against Justin Bieber, but I wouldn't call "baby baby baby" a worthy song of reading as poetry.

Artists such as Beyonce, Sia, Bruno Mars, are welcome just as Stevie wonder and David Gilmour as long as the songs you are asking for have enough lyrics to be worthy of a reading.

I hope you enjoy this video and many more to come :-)

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