Erasmus+ Mobile App | Erasmus+ at your finger tips!

13 Jun 2017 01:42 8
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Discover a new mobile app, that puts Erasmus+ at the fingertips of young people!

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Designed for students, vocational learners and participants in youth exchanges, the Erasmus+ mobile app will make young people's Erasmus+ experience easier.

The Erasmus+ Mobile App allows participants to:

· Easily track their progress in the different administrative steps before, during and after their stay abroad. Through the app, students will also be able to agree and sign their learning agreements online with both sending and receiving universities;

· Share and vote for their preferred tips to help others integrate into the local community; and

· Improve their language skills via a direct link to the Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support platform (, offering online tutored courses and interactive live mentoring.

The first version of the app is already available for both iOS and Android. New features and constant updates will soon extend it to other groups of Erasmus+ participants and make sure the app also covers the future needs of the Erasmus+ generation.

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