Behind-the-scenes video of SpaceX Bangabandu Sat-1 Falcon 9 Block 5 w/slomo, Ryan Chylinski

18 May 2018 03:06 73
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Opening Space: Behind-the-scenes cut of the May 11th, 2018 SpaceX launch of with Bangabandu Satellite-1. Video by Ryan Chylinski

Catch the 85minute rocket slomo chill mix here:

This is the first satellite for Bangladesh and is an exciting example of SpaceX's continued work towards open and accessible spaceflight

Implementing lessons learned over 54 prior missions, a new Falcon 9 variant: Block 5 is another first. Realizing reusability and reliability improvements, the launch will also be a large step towards the return of US-based manned space-launch capabilities. It's an incredible time to be alive.

Lots of blood sweat and fried electronics goes into the creative work I do covering launches and space/science events, especially as a volunteer... I deeply appreciate your feedback and encouragement and with your support can continue to push my edge, deploy new tech and open the adventure for as many as I can

About: This slow-motion Falcon 9 block 5 footage was captured by RSR v2 (Rocket Slomo Rig). A personal passion of mine that has been in the field four times: Version 1 had triggering issues and never activated, V1.5 had a partial success at night with mixed quality and bad FOV. RSR v2 now starts to hit the mark near what I envisioned.

2 seconds of real-time
480fps played at 24fps = 20x slow down
This same system can go slower, up to 40x, may the tests continue

I've always been fascinated with slow motion especially some of the professional content produced by NASA and SpaceX during launches. Their professionalism and results are unparalleled... it inspires me to no end. What we see here is a low budget attempt at catching a small fraction of the beauty that takes place during each launch. I am totally and utterly hooked. I hope you enjoy.

Future: I have a lot to learn about prep/capture/grading/post/ and more but really like where it's going. I'll be multiplying this with different angles and FOVs for future launches. Excited to see where it takes us. Lots more soon. Come along for the ride:

The music brings everything together. I thought about making a shorter audio only cut with a single song, but I just love how We Are All Astronauts blends this emotional mix. It provides an opportunity to take a journey with the artist and I encourage you to do so. You can find more of their music here:

Best of light

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