14 GIANT Spiders Explained

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From the bizarre spider attacks in Seattle, to 20 FT spiders scaling walls, these are 14 GIANT Spiders EXPLAINED !!

Take a look at this monstrous creature … it appears to be scaling the wall of a building in southwestern Russia. When the clip was posted to YouTube it attracted two million views within a week -- with many believing the clip was the real thing. But it turned out to be the work of a graphic designer named Dmitry Kataev (kata-ev) … he was apparently bored and decided to place the homemade monster onto a video clip … making it appear as if it was filmed on a mobile phone. Did it have you convinced?

Huge House Spiders invade homes in the UK every year. The arachnids can grow up to 12 centimeters wide … but despite their name, they usually live outdoors. They’re found from Europe to northern Asia and North America. Warm weather tends to accelerate the growth of the arachnids, and males will migrate indoors to mate with females at the end of summer. Britons in particular tend to take the creatures in stride, even referring to them as ‘golden retrievers’. The spider's’ bite can be similar to a bee sting if the skin is pierced. But that’s unlikely if the spiders aren’t antagonized.

Did you know that in 2012 Seattle found itself under attack by giant spiders! In the pictures, you can see how the huge harvestmen arachnids climbed up and over buildings in the city. If you missed that newsflash … that's because it never happened. The massive creatures were actually the work of Marlin Peterson … he’s an artist who specializes in ‘tromp l’oeil’ (trom-play) … an art style that makes 2-dimensional images appear to be 3-D when viewed from certain angles. In these pictures, you can see that the 2,100 square foot image looks like a painting when viewed standing on the roof. But when viewed from a higher angle, the creatures become truly menacing … did you think the arachnids were real at first?

You may have seen this image of a gigantic Hawaiian Cane Spider on the side of a house making the rounds online. It purports to display a creature that can grow up to six feet across, and sent arachnophobes into apoplectic fits. But not to worry. As our friends over at snopes.com explained, … this creature was the result of some digital trickery on the part of a gentleman named Paul Santa Maria. He even provided a picture to snopes that shows the original evidence of a wolf spider that was literally blown out of proportion. FYI, Cane Spiders do exist … but their bodies are around an inch long. Including the legs, they’re about 4 inches wide.

Huge Huntsman Spider -- Chances are, you’ve seen this image on social media … it’s said to be the biggest huntsman spider ever photographed … which is saying something, as the creatures can have a leg span up to 30 centimeters (12 inches). Pictures of this arachnid were first taken in 2015 at an animal rescue farm in the Brisbane Valley of Queensland. Apparently, this big critter is for real. But as menacing as they appear, the creatures are not considered dangerous to healthy humans … although their venom can cause swelling, vomiting and irregular heartbeat.

Did you know a 20-ton spider was caught crawling down the side of a Liverpool office building? No need to rush for a can of Raid -- or a bazooka. The arachnid is actually a real-life construct made of steel and wood, and measures around 15 meters high and 20 meters across. It takes 12 people strapped onto its frame to operate the enormous spider. The mechanism is said to have 50 axes that enable it to move very much like a real arachnid. The scary looking creature was part of a five-day piece of street theater, and was later scheduled to crawl about the city as part of celebrating the Capital of Culture year. Did you think it was real or fake?

Ever hear about the huge spider found roaming about the South American rainforest in 2014? Here’s the thing -- it was said to be the size of a puppy! The photos look like something out of a Photoshop fever dream, but as we fact-checked our research with snopes.com … it turns out the claims are real. It was actually the South American Goliath Bird-eating Tarantula
Just look at how huge this creature appears to be! The photos were taken by an entomologist named Piotr Naskrecki (pee-oh-tra naz-krek-ee) , who encountered the animal while exploring the rainforest.
As you might expect, this is the world’s biggest spider … as measured by mass, anyway. They can weigh over 6 ounces and grow to one foot in body length … but it seems to look even bigger in the pictures! Did you know these creatures are kept as pets around the world? Maybe it would make for a good puppy after all!

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