2019 Toyota Avalon Vs Nissan Maxima – Which Big Sedan Is Better?

04 Mar 2019 34:11 549
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Although market trends are clearly shifting to crossovers, it hasn't stopped a few key players from giving their flagship sedans a full makeover. #Toyota is one of those players with a completely new version of the #ToyotaAvalon for 2019. It features a bold new look, a completely new platform, and over 300 HP under the hood from its V6 engine. #Nissan also is a big player with the #NissanMaxima still among the top selling sedans. The latest version came out in 2016 so for 2019, the company is giving the #Maxima a slight refresh with a new look on the outside, new tech features inside, and still the same potent 300 HP V6 under the hood. Toyota claims the new #Avalon is most fun to drive ever but which of these big sedans is actually the more fun option?

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