What is Erotic Intelligence? | Esther Perel

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The main question people ask before committing to a marriage or relationship is, “What is love?”

In this inspiring Mindvalley talk, Esther Perel, celebrity therapist and relationship expert informs us that couples who continue to maintain intimacy throughout their relationship, report higher relationship satisfaction compared to couples who keep things the same.

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In this video, "What is Erotic Intelligence?" Ted Talk speaker, Esther Perel, walks us through the powerful emotions we feel in relationships and explains how to achieve contentment in your relationship.

01:17 What motivates Esther Perel
06:55 Anonymous conversation of couples
08:41 How Esther help couples to solve their intimacy issues
14:04 Why Esther is interested in Sexuality
20:33 What a good relationship means
25:42 Meaning of success to Esther

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Not only is Esther Perel a couples therapist, but she is also a psychotherapist who has worked with many people who experience powerful emotions related to loneliness.

Her theory that the tension between the need to have a stable relationship and the need for self exploration is the main challenge on how to deal with loneliness.

By maintaining sexuality and romanticism in marriage and relationships, Esther Perel believes this is a practical way to achieve happiness and contentment in life.

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