Top 10 Controversial Ways to Make Money

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Top 10 Controversial Ways to Make Money
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We’ve all wondered how to make fast money LEGALLY. While they might not all be easy, there are a few controversial jobs out there. From porn to gambling to bounty hunting and derivatives trading; whether it’s because some people think they’re unethical ways to make money, these are all controversial jobs. WatchMojo counts down ten divisive ways to earn a buck.

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01:03 #10. Bounty Hunting
01:56 #9. Derivatives Trading
03:08 #8. Marijuana Dispensaries
04:01 #7. Lobbyists
05:06 #6. Stripping
06:02 #5. Sperm Banks
07:06 #4. Gambling
08:19 #3, #2 & #1 ????

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