I invited myself into an Indian family’s home 🇮🇳

24 Oct 2018 12:46 1,674
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Whilst driving from Udaipur to one of India’s biggest forts I stopped in a tiny village. Riding through Rajasthan is the most entertaining motorbike touring I’ve ever done. But this day was exceptional. As I parked the motorbike and made my way for a derelict building two Indian guys waved at me from a tiny house which resembled more a mini fort than a traditional house. Incredibly intrigued I shouted back at them: can I enter your house? To my surprise they acquiesced and up I went. Having never seen an Indian family home from within before this was an experience not to be missed. What did their house look like and how did I interact without a word of Hindi stored in my language impaired brain? This and more in this India village walk video...

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