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The shitty new sounds of WhackaWhacka. Lyrics:

In a hollow room
In a white house set back from the road
Such a heavy load
It breaks the back and warps the soul

On a river walk
A mile or so south of downtown
King William smiles
Old St. Mary goes on for miles

In a Soulard style
Lonely second story and shitty view
Drunks and chipped windows
How could I have known it was an all time low

Every place retreated from I
Leave my calling card, it's crumpled up
Thrown in the corner and twice its size with dust
You'll know it's me
When I haunt the place
I used to be

I will fade away
Before I get a chance to decay
I wonder what they'll say
He sure could listen what he couldn't say

Said I'm trespassing
Seen no signs and I don't recognize
Your right of way
I seen the blank side and it didn't say

That's how you mapped out
My anatomy, cruel geography
Now all it's mashed down
And all the pages burning up

I will fade away before I get a chance to decay
Hope you don't mind
I'm only passing through this time

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