FUZZY Baby Seals & Sea Lions

24 Jun 2019 05:56 24
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They are fuzzy, buggy eyed, curious and playful. They really are puppies of the sea.

👍 Animals can be playful.. think, feel and love.. like us! Thank you to these awesome insta authors for capturing these moments. Credit goes to: 
 @travelling.migel, @theanimallounge, @beyondthebackpack. Follow them if you love baby animals! Please email me at chucklesomecreatures@gmail.com for requests such as music ID, credit correction, clip submission and removal.

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Seals that are round and plumpy: https://youtu.be/sgPomWka-i4
Seals that are bouncy: https://youtu.be/UmW5d0RBxBc
Baby white floofy seals: https://youtu.be/jhIHv-WnbkE
Penguins as awkward teens: https://youtu.be/SZOp4nCgJkA
Hippos looking happy and comfy: https://youtu.be/AIZnkwnvKwY
Otters acting slick: https://youtu.be/mkpOOuMvAxI

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