Will it Light? Vintage Railroad Lamp Restoration

13 Apr 2019 22:40 4,934
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Today i restore this Ugly Railroad Lamp from France made in 1950's.
I found this lamp at flea market few days ago, as you can see is in a very bad shape esteticaly but in rest is a very heavy duty lantern with a huge battery.
I this video i listened to you and i added a LiPo battery modification and a big smd led bulb.
Let me know if you like this color.

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Index of operation and materials:

00:01 presentation
00:45 begin disassembly
04:16 i put all rusted parts in Mc-51 to remove rust
04:38 i remove paint with paint stripper
05:55 now i remove all casting marks with sand paper
07:23 polishing the metal parts
08:00 now i clean the rusted parts from Mc-51 after 2 hours
08:41 now i remove rust from the handle with a wire brush wheel
09:16 degreasing all the parts for painting with IBS BLITZ
09:41 now i mask all the parts with tape
10:07 apply the prime
10:36 now i water sanding the primer
11:04 i apply two coats of yellow car paint
11:35 now i apply two coat of clear laquer
12:02 now i polish all the little parts
13:04 now i remove paint from the letters
13:19 presentation
13:47 start reassembling
16:30 now i make the wiring inside
20:02 i apply my sticker
20:32 presentation
21:17 testing the lighter

Time and costs of this restortion:

5 days restoration
4 days editing
80 euro materials


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