Illiminate - A Savage Lifestyle

04 Aug 2018 18:01 6,718
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The Illiminate crew are one of the more genuine up and coming YouTube channels that a lot of people seem to be able to relate to because of their down to earth attitudes and feasible builds. I found this to be 100% true when I had the pleasure of spending a few days out in San Jose, California with their whole family, and I say family because these guys roll DEEP. It seems where ever these guys pulled up that's where the party was. It was amazing being able to spend time with them and amongst them getting to know everyone and their cars. We traveled all over San Jose filming this short that documents their day to day life and cars. I hope everyone enjoys the film and if you're new to my channel coming from Illiminate, welcome. I'm not a car vlogger so don't expect daily vlogs, but do expect some badass films like this and behind the scenes videos for each one! Thanks for subscribing and taking the time to watch this film. Make sure you subscribe to the Illiminate channel as well linked below!

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Filmed on Red Epic-W Gemini & Sony A7sii
(+Go Pro Hero 4 // DJI Mavic)

Music Used:
PBS'73 - "VVonderhaze"
Delivery Boy - "Donuts"
Ichigo - "Chrono"
SYNC - "Battle Born"
incndscnt - "falling forever and ever"
chemtrails - "Coping"
DELAY. - "Tank!"
chemtrails - "gtr thing iv"

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