Trolling Dealership that wouldn't help me B4 I bought my Corvette

09 Oct 2017 05:19 909
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I have been wanting a Corvette for years, about a year b4 I bought one I went to MANY dealerships but this one nobody paid me any attention. I didn't TROLL them like I had planned because this wasn't the salesman back then and this guy seems to be cool. They also have a NICE selection of vettes and usually always do. But the morale of the story is Don't blow any customer off. You might miss a sale. I might use them when I trade this car in for that 2019 upgrade.:)

Some side notes:
1. Yes I did park in the handicap spot and I do have a placard I just forgot to put it in the window-No excuse Sorry here's a make up video for the trolls trolling the troll:)
2. I have at least 10 Friends that have bought cars from this dealership so clearly they have a good product BUT this WAS my experience. The reason I went there initially was because a friend referred me.
3. I'd definitely buy a car from them especially this salesman THEY HAVE THE largest Vette and Camaro selection in this area from what I can tell. Your experience may be different than mines GO see them. Especially the guy gave me the card. Corvette POV drive and Go Pro Camera Test

Porsche Panamera Cost Not that bad:

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