Trolling Dealership that wouldn't help me B4 I bought my Corvette

09 Oct 2017 05:19 950
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Car salesman Trolls me then walks off LOL:

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I have been wanting a Corvette for years, about a year b4 I bought one I went to MANY dealerships but this one nobody paid me any attention. I didn't TROLL them like I had planned because this wasn't the salesman back then and this guy seems to be cool. They also have a NICE selection of vettes and usually always do. But the morale of the story is Don't blow any customer off. You might miss a sale. I might use them when I trade this car in for that 2019 upgrade.:)

Some side notes:
1. Yes I did park in the handicap spot and I do have a placard I just forgot to put it in the window-No excuse Sorry here's a makeup video for the trolls trolling the troll:)
2. I have at least 10 Friends that have bought cars from this dealership so clearly, they have a good product BUT this WAS my experience. The reason I went there initially was that a friend referred me.
3. I'd definitely buy a car from them especially this salesman THEY HAVE THE largest Vette and Camaro selection in this area from what I can tell. Your experience may be different than mines GO see them. Especially the guy gave me the card.

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