Car Stereo Buying Guide | Everything You Need to Know When Buying an Aftermarket Car Stereo

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Buying a new Car Stereo is a great way to add features to your vehicle, but finding the stereo that best suits you can be a little intimidating if you're new to Car Audio.
This video is designed to make shopping for a new stereo easier. We give you all the information you need to consider before you even start shopping so you'll be more confident when browsing and buying your new car stereo.

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Add features that your vehicle wasn't equip with from the factory by upgrading to an aftermarket car stereo. Available features include, but are not limited to: Bluetooth, HD & Satellite Radio, GPS Navigation, DVD Playback, Rearview Backup Camera Support, and smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Installing an aftermarket car stereo actually isn't that difficult in most cases. If you have some basic DIY skills and tools you should be able to install your new stereo on your own. Check out this video for a complete guide on how to install a car stereo.
How to install an aftermarket Car Stereo, step by step:
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Don't forget, when you order from Sonic Electronix we include most installation accessories for free!
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