Amazing King Cobra Vs Lion Cobra Chasing Three Lion

25 May 2018 10:09 6
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Top 5 Most Amazing Wild Animal Attacks - Lion Attack Buffalo,Zebra,Baboon,Giraffe #6

00:00:06 - Amazing Carnivorous Plants Vs Snake Fail.

00:01:45 - Amazing King Cobra Vs Lion Cobra Chasing Three Lion Cubs But Fail

00:03:26 - Unbelievable Mantis Vs Grass Snake Unequal Battle Among Reptiles.

00:05:14 - Deer Fight Python To Rescue Baby Escape From Python Attack.

00:08:12 - Incredible Python Attack Warthog But Fails And Gets Bitten To Death By Whole Herd.

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Content description:A python attacked by porcupine with a sharp quills punctures, and it writhing in pain.The wounded python was forced to coil around to defend itself.

بيثون فس بوركيوبين - بيثون توفي بعد القتال مع الشيهم

الثعبان الذي هاجمه النيص مع ثقب حادة، وانه يختبئ في الألم.وقد اضطر الثعبان الجرحى لفائف حول للدفاع عن نفسها.

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