Viewer Question: Should I Buy A PlasmaCam?

10 Dec 2016 17:15 35
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In this video: I have owned a PlasmaCam for over 4 years now and have had several people ask me if I think they should invest in one. This video will not be a review of the PlasmaCam, it is however going to talk about my method on what I look for in just about any tool or machine in my shop. One question... Will it grow with me and can it adapt to new tasks of the original reason I bought it for falls through?

Darkmoon Metals is a home based business start up, I have decided to live my dream and work for myself. I am a trained welder with a strong interest in blacksmithing. Dana, a long time friend and talented artist has teamed up with me to create truly unique products that will help us stand apart from other metal crafters. Join us for our ups and downs while we learn as we go. Trying to forge a new life in a dead economy that has left many blue collar people just trying to survive.

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