Peugeot 3008 GT Line

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The 2017 Peugeot 3008 is a far cry from its rather ungainly MPV predecessor and is now a stylish mid size SUV, it is also the 2017 European car of the year and has also been chosen as a finalist for this year’s Wesbank Car of the year.

The 3008 continues the new styling trends that the rest of the 00’s have offered, good ground clearance, stunning 18’ wheels and not a flat paneled surface to speak of. I especially like the headlights and the small bit of bumper that juts up into them. Round the back the characteristic tiger claw styled LED tail lamps keep things interesting.

The 3008 is not just stylish, its elegant and luxurious and at just R499k is priced right to take the fight to the very competitive mid size SUV market.

We have the GT line model here and such it comes with quilted leather seats that massage you while you drive in some very interesting ways…. The interior isn’t just elegant but also interestingly designed, the use of fabric and brushed aluminium and soft touch leather….its all very Peugeot.

I love the control panel, with its aircraft style switchgear for the climate control, the touch and feel is just astounding!

The best part of the 3008 though is the driver interface, the weird go kart styled steering wheel is abit off putting at first but once you get used to it its actually a heck of a lot of fun to drive…makes you feel abit like a F1 driver….

In place of the normal 2 pod gauge cluster the 3008 comes standard with the digital Peugeot i-cockpit system which is interconnected with the 8 inch infotainment screen, this kind of system is an optional extra on competitors but it standard fitment across the range in the Peugeot.

There loads of room at the back for passengers and you can easily fit 3 adults comfortably and theres plenty of hidey holes for your bottles and what not, they’ve even lined the inside of the door cards with felt…clever!

There is almost no noise inside the 3008 and that is due to very low NVH levels and the whisper quiet 1.6 turbo charged petrol engine mated to an 6 speed automatic. The car easily achieves its cruising speed using its 121kw and you can do it even faster with the Sport mode and flappy paddles. Fuel consumption is a paltry 7l/100km on the combined cycle. It comes with a 3 year / 100 00km warranty and 4 year / 60 000km service plan….not that you’ll need it…

The Peugeot 3008 is a brilliant car and I cant actually find any major issue with it… I can absolutely see why it won the European Car of the Year and this is the one Ill be watching in our local competition.

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