Unleash Your Super Brain To Learn Faster | Jim Kwik

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Do you want to learn how to improve your memory? How about tips on how to learn faster and boost productivity? You’ve come to the right place as Jim Kwik shows you how to tap into your very own mindpower.

In this powerful presentation, Jim Kwik is a world-renowned brain training coach who turned Hollywood Celebrities Hugh Jackman and Will Smith into superheroes in the movie X-Men. He talks about unlocking your Super Brain by incorporating effective productivity tips that will help you learn faster.

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In this video, “Unleash Your Super Brain To Learn Faster And Work Smarter,” Jim Kwik explains six tips on how to learn faster and how to use the “FAST” technique as part of your daily brain training regimen.

01:55 All learning is State dependent
08:15 Why it is important to “Learn How to Learn Fast”
19:30 6 Quick tips of fast learning
29:10 Two super-villains: Digital Overload & Digital Destruction
33:15 Digital Dementia - How modern people are losing simple memorisation capabilities
40:39 The Success Mindset - All behaviours are believe driven
47:26 Learn any subject faster - the “FAST” technique
50:35 A Story of Jim Kwik about his childhood and learning quickly

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Along with brain training, Jim Kwik has worked with Fortune 500 entrepreneurs like Richard Branson by elevating their self-awareness to boost their overall business productivity.

This video, “Unleash Your Super Brain To Learn Faster And Work Smarter” with Jim Kwik is so much more than just about productivity tips. It’s about working with your brain waves and treating it like your very own superpower.

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