THE CAN OPENER BRIDGE - 11foot8 Bridge

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This is the famous 11 foot 8 inch can opener bridge. This bridge has become famous due to all media coverage it gets from all the truck accidents it creates, it’s so famous it even has it’s own Youtube channel that has been running for nearly 10 years.

The bridge used to be known as the Norfolk Southern–Gregson Street Overpass, it has been renamed to the 11 foot 8 Bridge, but most know it by it’s nickname “the can opener”.

Jurgen Henn installed a home security system in his home and used a webcam to start recording the crashes, since he started he has recorded 129 crashes in just under 10 years, as of Feb 2018.

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CURRENT NORTH CAROLINA LAW REQUIRES : A Clearance of 13'6". however, this bridge is NOT in violation because it was built prior to the current height standard. At the time of It's construction, it met all applicable criteria. The current standard cannot be applied retroactively, and rebuilding the bridge would be too costly. Lowering the road is also not an option due to a sewer line under it. Also, even if the road could be lowered, in time it would become flooded and impassable in heavy rains.



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