Dragon Ball Super Episode 95 "Frieza Rivals God of Destruction"- Review

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 95 Full Review! Goku vs Frieza! Frieza v Sidra, and more!

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Music Courtesy- Iker Estalayo - https://www.youtube.com/user/ikerville

This Frieza dominant episode has some shocking moments that changed our way of thinking about the powers of The Gods and Mortals. Even though most of the pre-tournament episodes were building the hype up, this episode alone has a lot of entertainment value, which makes every moment worth it.

Episode 94 and 95 combined, has portrayed the personality of Frieza much more accurately than the entire Resurrection F arc, which was a Solo Frieza arc, and I find that to be amusing. Another aspect that must be mentioned is the animation quality. The improvement is ungodly; just compare these shots from the last time Frieza was here and the latest Goku v Frieza battle. If you have friends who started watching Super but then didn’t continue because they couldn’t tolerate the animation, you must share this with them, and invite them to give it another shot.

In this episode, The Kaioshin of Universe 9 says Frieza is more of a God of Destruction than Sidra, and why wouldn’t he?!

Sidra being desperate gave some of his energy, the hakai like energy to a low-level mortal assassin so that he could take Frieza out. So, it was in the hands of that Dog looking assassin, and with some tricks, he is able to strike Frieza or maybe Frieza let him do that; because he makes a total Joke of the Hakai attack.

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