Kitkat Playroom LIVE: Tater - the Female, Ginger, Polydactyl, Hydro Warrior Kitten

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Tater Tot is an adoptable orphan polydactyl kitten being fostered by Kitkat Playroom, a nonprofit rescue in Woodbury, NJ.

Tater has a condition called hydrocephalus. This condition causes excess cerebral spinal fluid to build up in her brain. Hydrocephalus occurs in other animals, like doggos, and also in humans. Hydrocephalus is not curable, but it is treatable.

In some cats, daily, life-long medication will manage hydrocephalus symptoms. We tried medications first with Tate, but they did not work for her.

Tate has had two life-saving fluid drains when the CSF built up in her brain to a critical level. Fluid drains are risky and temporary solutions.

Tate received a magnetic adjustable shunt, which drains excess fluid regularly from her brain, on October 12, 2018.

She will be the youngest kitten EVER to have this type of shunt placed.

It was also her ONLY chance at life. And it was a success!! She is now in recovery from surgery and she's doing amazing!


She was born approximately August 8, 2018. Tater Tot was found alone as a stray when she was only 1-week-old on the streets of Philadelphia and brought to ACCT Philly. Kitkat Playroom rescued her from the city shelter on August 19.

Tate’s exceptional weight chart:

As I was driving back to NJ with Tate, it was a dreary, cloudy, rainy day. I had this super bright, orange kitten next to me in the car. The Temptations song broke into my head and that's all I could hear, "I've got sunshine... on a cloudy day...."

I named her Tate after the Temptations. She has a zillion nicknames. Tater Tot, Sweet Potater, Tigger Tot, Tatty, Tatum, Tater, Tater Salad... you can call her whatever you want. ;-)

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Kitkat Playroom is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) rescue based in southern New Jersey. We believe that tiny cats are mighty heroes. Any donation you contribute is tax-deductible. We are an all-volunteer rescue; we have no paid staff. Cash/credit, food, and supply donations made to Kitkat Playroom go directly to the needs of our adoptable fosters. Monetary donations are used for their emergency and routine veterinary care. Anything donated in excess of their needs will be saved and used for the next family of momcat/kittens that Kitkat Playroom rescues. THANK YOU FOR CONSIDERING TO DONATE TO OUR KITKUBS! We are very small and need every bit of help we can get!

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