Thriving Past Narcissistic Abuse: Begin Breaking Low Energy Cycles

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WARNING: Some content may be disturbing to some viewers. Use discretion. Join me as I discuss with you how to begin breaking some of those low energy cycles. After going no contact with narcissists, some of us are still feeling as if there's unfinished business. Energetic transference is on reason for this, however; all is not lost or over. There are many ways to clear unfinished business after the unhealthy relationship with cluster b personality is over. Please leave comments, questions, share and subscribe! Thank you for visiting.

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1- Take time out to know yourself. Having a great relationship with yourself confirms self acceptance. You would probably be less likely to attempt to prove your worthiness to others.

2- Use more of your time and energy to focus on what your priorities are in your own life instead of the narcissist. You are not here to be a human waste basket to the cluster b personality desiring sources of supply.

3- Study your lineage. Your family history could probably provide more clarity to why and how you have had certain traumatic experiences in your relationships. Some people find that someone in their generation before them has experienced similar traumatic experiences as they have. This discovery can bring some clarity and comfort as to why there has been a pathology of certain dysfunctional behaviors in their family. One of the best ways to respect and represent the best of your family is to denounce dysfunctional behavior/relationships.

4- Discontinue to be available to those that have shown you that they are not interested in investing in a balanced healthy relationship with you. Their abusive behavior of themselves and others could be a sign of demonic influence. Do not open up your life as a gateway to such influences to enter your life.

5- Consider the spirit and energy that others choose to embody and trust if you resonate with it or not. Trust yourself. Do not apologize if you know that it is better to not give place to individuals that you do not resonate with and they do not resonate with you. You will more than likely find that you cannot share the same space with one another. Work to accept this reality.

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