Top 25 SCARIEST True Stories of 2019 (FREE DOWNLOAD)

03 Jan 2020 04:23:21 323
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It's the best and scariest of the last year! New Year 2020 will be even scarier, I just know it :)


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Top 25 Scariest True Stories of 2019

25. It Tormented Us from DangerousWeb 0:48
24. I Heard My Own Voice Calling Me Upstairs from Sarah 8:02
23. The Shenandoah Terror from Mr Smith 22:04
22. The Shoo Shoo Whisp from Darren 44:21
21. He Heard Her Voice from AmmeJeanRomeo 54:29
20. Japanese Ghosts in Uhaj from Homer O. 1:02:24
19. A Ghoul in the Woods from Anonymous 1:07:57
18. A Sound in the Dark from Mr. Smith Parts 1 and 2 1:17:38
17. The Count’s Birdcage from The Woodsman 1:49:34
16. They’re Real, Be Careful from saucydragoV 1:59:38
15. I Went Camping When I Was Younger from All_Calm1999 2:02:58
14. There’s Something Wrong with my Dog from Swedish Hunter 2:17:13
13. Mana Pools Skinwalker from Doctor White Rabbit 2:28:20
12. The Woods from DiamondMaker128 2:35:53
11. Weatherman and the Cuyahoga Valley Buzzer from The Woodsman 2:39:47
10. Never Stop on Amboy Road from annon 2:48:20
9. The Bajan Goblin from Carl G. 2:56:05
8. The Bird Grabber from Gerben 3:08:03
7. Alone from Bard 3:16:28
6. The Brown Boy of the Forest from DarrenDell 3:26:04
5. Shirley Wisconsin from Poofy 3:42:35
4. Who is Following Me from Batweek 4:00:06
3. The Abandoned School from Parker 4:03:40
2. Mist on the Lake from ScaredAsHeck123 4:14:34
1. Silhouette from WillboyLucas8 4:19:37

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