SNUGPODS!! ESO Homestead Update - How to buy your first House Elder Scrolls Online Sernoir

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SNUGPODS!! ESO Homestead Update - How to buy your first House Elder Scrolls Online Sernoir

Finally the new Homestead update for ESO is live! Today we look at buying a brand new house, but before we can move on with that – let’s try and get our starter house in elder scrolls online. This is the very first house you can get and it’s FREE!

With your first free house in ESO, there’s only a short quest chain to complete. Once you collect a house in ESO, all your characters have access to it just like mounts. The furniture will also be there for you to use on other characters! Getting to your house is easy, teleport to it just like a Wayshrine but free of charge!

Step 1: Purchase “A Friend in Need” Housing Brochure from the Crown Store for FREE

Step 2: Find the landlord that needs your assistance! This will be different depending on which faction you play on in ESO. For the Aldmeri Dominion, our landlord is Canthion who’s in Vulkhel Guard (Auridon).

Step 3: Solve the landlord’s problem. This will involve speaking with a few different people in your faction maps.

Step 4: Get some furniture!! This was the most irritating part of the whole questline because our handy Home Goods Merchant had NOTHING for sale (restart your game if so). One Home Goods Merchant is in Skywatch and the other we ran into was in the woodworking area of Belkarth in Craglorn

Step 5: Go back to the landlord to setup your free house in elder scrolls online! Once you get the Anthology of Abodes Available for Acquisition you will have a list full of different properties. These can be viewed in your Collections menu, then click the House icon in the top right corner.

Step 6 (optional but recommended): Go into your FREE house in ESO! Setup your furniture that you purchased etc :p Did you know that you can add your mount inside your house? You can still ride it while it’s there so go ahead a whip our your most fancy horse in the living room!

At the end of the video we view some different property types available in ESO. First up is Mathiisen Manor. This is a classic house and it’s HUGE. It costs 7,500 crowns for the furnished version and 6,000 crowns unfurnished. Alternatively you can buy the unfurnished version for 1,025,000 in-game gold. For Mathiisen Manor we need a more difficult achievement called Auridon Adventurer.

Next we had Snugpod, one of my favorite houses and one of the cheapest… because it’s tiny! Staple houses are the simplest available in ESO. This particular one will cost you 2,700 crowns furnished, 2,150 crowns or 45,000 gold for the unfurnished version. It’s pretty perfect for casual players since you’ll get that much money easily from just questing. The achievements needed for Snugpod is Reliquary Retriever.

Cliffshade gets you quite a lot for the money. It’s a smaller Classic house and costs 4,500 crowns furnished, 3,600 crowns or 255,000 gold unfurnished. To get Cliffshade, the achievements needed are Spirit of the Bosmer.

We have Captain Margaux’s Place in Glenumbra. This is a staple house and it needs the Wyrd Friend achievement! It's fairly easy as the questing location is just around the area. Unfurnished, Captain Margaux’s Place costs 56,000 gold or 2,300 crowns. If you want the furnished luxury you’re looking at 2,900 crowns. From what I’ve seen the location is convenient but the house itself is expensive for what you get.

Finally we visit Autumn’s Gate in The Rift. This is another staple house but it has an outside area! Unfurnished, it’s going for 60,000 gold or 2,350 crowns. The furnished price is 2,900 crowns. Achievement required is Wormsquasher. This is definitely a bargain but I’ll wait until the polls on Twitter close to decide where to buy a house in ESO :p

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