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CHICAGO — After her epic meltdown at a Michaels craft store in Chicago on Thanksgiving Eve, netizens tracked down the crazy lady, identifying her as Jennifer Boyle.

Her tirade at Michaels came off as racist when she insulted two black employees. But it seems Boyle is an equal opportunity harasser who just really enjoys railing against service staff.

The Chicagoist reports that last July she was similarly caught on video blowing up at a Peet’s Coffee and Tea in Boystown after the white floor manager supposedly called her a bitch for haranguing his employee.

In the video, Boyle can be heard screaming at the manager across the room, “You’re the bitch! You are the bitch! You are literally the bitch!”

She claims the barista was unprofessional and going all up in her face, which made her fear for her life. She threatened to call the cops and corporate, and even boasted about her $90,000 a year job before finally walking out.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Boyle worked as a human resources business partner for Sinai Health System. But the company said in a statement on Facebook that she’d been terminated from the job in September, which probably explains why she went mental over the $1 Michaels bag.

Some netizens have commented that Boyle may be the same Jennifer Boyle who was reported in the Oak Park Patch as being arrested and charged with trespassing for refusing to leave the Carleton of Oak Park Hotel in 2013.

Boyle has not come out to comment on the two videos she’s been linked to, and has been eliminating traces of herself from the internet, deactivating her LinkedIn and Facebook accounts and setting her Twitter and Instagram to private.

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