The Brabus Ultimate 125 is a €50,000 Juiced Up Smart!

13 Aug 2017 19:26 719
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Brabus have a habit of turning cars into something a little crazy and one of their latest introductions is the Ultimate 125, a limited edition run of 125 Smart cars with 125 horsepower, for €50,000. The 'regular' Brabus Smart is the top spec version of the ForTwo from the factory with 110PS, already a fair hike from the base 71PS but now it's gone even more wild with the Widestar bodykit, 18" wheels all around and a new exhaust system with triple-tips.

As a car though, that much power through something so small, on large wheels with tough springs makes it quite a go kart and a very solid ride. It can turn on a sixpence and it's the tiniest thing you can imagine, and in this case, Brabus have even given it a new interior finish too!

Let's take a walk around the Brabus Ultimate 125 and then go for a drive to see what it's like.

Thanks for watching, Tim


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