Parachutes fail to open for soldier jumping 1300ft from a plane

17 May 2018 00:24 0
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A special forces soldier, 26, is left fighting for his life as both of his parachutes fail to open after he jumped from a 1,300ft plane, with the incident believed to have occurred in Taiwan.

Special forces soldier, 26, is left fighting for his life as both of his parachutes FAIL to open after he jumped from a 1,300ft plane in Taiwan
Paratrooper was critically injured after main and backup parachutes got jammed
The soldier hit the ground in 26 seconds during a rehearsal of a military drill
He sustained brain haemorrhage, a collapsed lung and several fractures

A Taiwanese paratrooper is in critical condition after plunging 1,300 feet to the ground due to parachute malfunction.

Initial investigation shows the soldier's two parachutes was jammed and failed to open during a military drill rehearsal.

Chin Liang-feng, 26, was rushed to hospital without a heartbeat and remains in critical condition, according to reports from Taiwanese media.

The special forces soldier suffered brain haemorrhage and severe abdominal fractures after the horrifying fall today.

He reportedly fell to the ground within 26 seconds.

According to Taiwan's Central News Agency, the paratrooper from the Army Aviation and Special Forces Command, jumped from a C-130 transport plane at the Ching Chuan Kang air base in Taichung at 6am local time today.

Mobile phone footage taken by members of the public captured the soldier free-falling from the plane to the ground as other soldiers successfully opened their parachutes after the jump.

It's said the main parachute was jammed and the backup parachute failed to deploy due to the wind speed and direction.

Minister of National Defense Yen De-fa has directed a team led by Chief of the General Staff Lee Hsi-ming to investigate the accident, stated Focus Taiwan.

Dr Lu Li-hua, from the emergency department of Wuqi Tungs' Taichung Metro Harbor Hospital said in a press conference that Commander Chin remains in critical condition after four hours of surgery.

Commander Chin suffered sub-retinal haemorrhage, fractures on the skull base, chest and the lower back, cervical spine over-stretch injuries and a collapsed lung.

His vital signs appeared to be stable, but he will require close monitor and follow-up treatments.

General Wu Li-wen said Commander Chin was recruited in 2015 and this was his 11th parachuting, which he have completed all basic parachute training.

The 26-year-old was rehearsing for the Han Kuang exercises, Taiwan's biggest annual military drill that are scheduled to be held across the country June 4-8.

Further investigation will be carried out and the inclusion of equipment, parachutes, weather and other factors are not ruled out.

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