The Simple Diet – [ how i eat ]

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when it comes to food, don't we all wish to keep a simple, healthy, quick and easy diet no matter who we are ? that sounds ideal, so how to maintain such a diet in real life? today i'm diving into this topic, trying to break down some of my best tips on how you can simplify your diet, at the same time as staying energised, fit, and above all - satisfied. 

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i talk about:

- get to know your taste buds !
- keeping a clean and organised kitchen !
- try raw - it doesn't get more nutritious and easy !
- how to simplify your kitchen ?
- figure out what equipment you need for your staple dishes, but skip the rest !
- be clever with how to eat varied without complicating things !
- meal prepping equals time saving !
- how snacks save us from getting hangry and slip into old habits ?!

i hope this gave you some ideas on how to stay happy and healthy ! do you have any secret tricks to share with us, please do !

love // jenny
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love // jenny

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