Germany: Merkel makes front cover as Charlie Hebdo launches German edition

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The German edition of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo made its debut in Berlin, Thursday, with an unflattering image of German Chancellor Angela Merkel taking the front cover.

In the magazine’s characteristically coarse style, Merkel is depicted on a toilet seat and a car mechanic’s hydraulic lift. The latter images allude to Merkel’s alleged relationship with Volkswagen, as the car company’s emissions scandal develops. The caption reads “VW stands behind Merkel”, with a mechanic commenting “with a new exhaust, she’ll be good to go another four years.”

SOT, Gokten Erbas, newspaper seller (German): "(When the magazine was first sold after the Charlie Hebdo attack), there was a queue of at least 100 people at 5:00am. So now it's very calm. Also on that day, we only got 4 of 5 magazines, so it was an onrush. The second and third next edition were still very popular, but then it stopped."

SOT, Sabine Schebokat, customer (German): "I think it's good (that the German edition is coming out), as the magazine is critical and I also think it has become a symbol after the attacks."

SOT, Sabine Schebokat, customer (German): "Except for Titanic, we don't really have satirical magazines, or at least I don't know any. That's why I think it's good (that Charlie Hebdo has a German edition now). Because our "Mutti" is often spared from critics."

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