100% Entertainment feat. Eko Fresh – Neuland Ep 2

12 Sep 2018 29:57 0
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"Just when Phil thought Neuland is about to premiere, something Hoff-ish happens.

Along with his writing team Pesh and Jan, as well as his “Social Media Manager” Heinz, Phil takes on the challenge to write internet-television history! If it wasn’t for the sudden appearance of entertainer legend David Hasselhoff - this really dampens the mood. The premiere episode of Neuland addresses the topic “Entertainment” and guests Eko Fresh and Luke Mockridge will raise the level of the party-hit game “Beer-Pong” with Phil. Plus we’ll get to see the movie trailer of the upcoming superhero blockbuster “Not-Too-Bad-Man”, “the smallest quiz-show of the world” surprising passersby with a spontaneous quiz and the Neuland-Boys will present the song “Just another Hit”."

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