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06 Feb 2015 02:20 130
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Five families living on welfare face their biggest challenges yet. As we come to a conclusion to their stories, here’s a recap of who they are.

About The TV Show:

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“Don’t Call Us Poor” is a ground-breaking series on low-income families in Singapore. This 5-part docu reality series is centred on the ins and outs of the Bukit Merah Social Service Office. Bukit Merah is where you’ll find some of the poorest people in Singapore, and the social service office offers them a lifeline: financial help, a new job, and – more crucially – a fighting chance to a fresh start. It’s often said that poor people make poor decisions – but is that really the case? The series examines what it means to be poor in Singapore, and brings you the stories and struggles behind the label of poverty.

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