Where Is Hope: The Art of Murder - Police Brutality & Disability Documentary

26 Oct 2015 01:08:42 0
Emmitt H Thrower Download
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Logline: Mentally ill victims murdered by police brutality prompts friends, family and activists/artists with disabilities to rise-up and battle these injustices by any means necessary.
Produced by Wabi Sabi Productions Directed by Emmitt H Thrower and Co Produced by Leroy Moore Jr. Running time 69 minutes Released Oct 2015
Two police murders in California involving two victims with mental disabilities leaves one mother childless, depressed and suicidal and the other woman, an artist, feeling abandoned, lost and suffering from PTSD after her experiencing the bloody killing of her best friend in her home by police. Both women struggle with the aftermath of the police shooting in different ways. At the same time they deal with their trauma induced disabilities while actively participating in the long journey of attempting to eradicate the conditions that remains the constant source of their pain. They battle everyday of their lives seeking justice and closure.

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