Super Mario World: #7 Larry's Castle

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The last Koopaling castle, and it's sitting right before the Bowser's own massive castle.

At the start, Larry's Castle has a moving Block Trail just like in Roy's Castle. But this one is trickier since it likes to make more turns in a wider area full of swinging spiked balls.

At the end of this trail, if you stay on it when it falls, it'll safely take you to this castle's Check Point, and you get a Yoshi Coin!

Once again, like in Lemmy's Castle, in the next area, if you don't have your cape, you can just force a Magikoopa to turn those blocks walls into Koopa Troopa so they can make a hole for you to get through.


When you finally get to Larry, you have to fight him the same way you fought Iggy way back in the very first castle: Knock him off the swinging platform into the lava!

The only difference here is that there are fireballs constantly jumping out of the lava. Besides that, this fight is still pretty easy either way.

After defeating the last Koopaling, & saving the last sealed Yoshi Egg, what does Mario do to HIS castle? Why, he simply picks it up, and kicks it away! VICTORY!

Now the very last castle that lies before the red plumber is the castle of King Bowser Koopa. Will Mario able to defeat the Koopa King, rescue, Princess Peach Toadstool, and save all of Dinosaur Land?

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