View in 2: How YouTube is Helping People Study | YouTube Advertisers

06 Jun 2018 02:10 9
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View in 2 is intended to help you get smarter about YouTube in just 2 minutes. Each video will highlight a current trend or format on our platform, broken down with insights and ideas on how brands can take advantage.

While many YouTube videos are simply pure entertainment, a new genre called "Study With Me" is proving to be just the opposite. In this episode of View in 2, we explore how audiences are not just passive viewers but look to actively participate with content -- and how this category of “With Me” videos are a completely new viewing experience that couldn’t exist on TV.

Resources and Links:
- TheStrive Studies STUDY WITH ME (with music) 2.5 HOURS POMODORO SESSION!:
- Louis Vuitton The Art of Packing:

View in 2 Playlist:

Created by: Jessica Hurley
Written by: Matt Anderson, Earnest Pettie, Kevin Allocca

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