Taming the Unicorn C5 Corvette - HOLY SH*T ITS FAST!

03 Aug 2017 26:50 1,077
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The Unicorn C5 Corvette is alive and well…AND HOLY SH*T IT IS FAST! This flame throwing stick shifted beast is not what we expect…this thing is on another level! Chad at The Shop, Inc. in Lincoln, Nebraska NAILED it! Approaching the annual Ice Cream Cruise and getting prepared to race Cleetus, we were able to take the Unicorn C5 out for some testing at the I-29 Dragway and enter into the stick shift class of The Shop Inc’s Heads Up No Prep event as well! Dialing in all the moving parts on this car is no easy feat, but thanks to Huron Speed, RPM Transmissions, The Shop Inc and Thompson Motorsports (among many other people who had a hand in this), Kyle was able to SCREAM down the track in the C5 Unicorn! I think we can all agree that Cleetus is about to get DRUG!

Watch the Unicorn C5 race Cleetus and Leroy at the 2017 Ice Cream Cruise HERE: https://www.facebook.com/OmahaIceCreamCruise/

- C5 Unicorn Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/C5Unicorn/
- The Shop, Inc.: http://www.theshopincne.com/
- Huron Speed: http://www.huronspeedproducts.com/
- Thompson Motorsports: http://www.thompsonmotorsports.net/
- RPM Transmissions: http://www.rpmtransmissions.com/
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