Does the law have to be complicated? | Marcin Matczak | TEDxUniversityofWarsaw

30 Nov 2016 18:10 3
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When we think of the law, what we usually have in mind is a complex and, frankly saying, incomprehensible system. It’s quite natural then that we would like to see it changed. We ask ourselves: ‘Does the law have to be complicated’? In his speech Professor Matczak, a lawyer, cools us down – in a modern world that is not possible anymore.

Marcin Matczak is a passionate exponent of legal theory and the philosophy of law, in which subjects he lectures at Warsaw University. Published in both English and Polish, his academic work investigates how the nature of human language influences the interpretation of legal texts - a hot topic whenever controversial court judgements hit the news, and a fascinating one even when they don't. Marcin is deeply spiritual, insofar as he worships the spirit of the law. His life goal is to convert all legal practitioners, from lawyers to judges, to his belief that it is possible to be simultaneously faithful to the spirit and to the letter of the law.

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