Dengue Fever and Mosquitos: How to Protect Yourself

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Dengue, and the closely related chikungunya, is a virus spread by the bite of mosquitos. Most common in tropic and sub-tropic regions, there have been recent outbreaks of dengue fever in Bangladesh, Singapore, the Philippines, Cambodia, and Hawaii.

Though no vaccine currently exists for dengue or chikungunya, the best way to avoid contracting the virus is to avoid mosquito bites. Here, Dr. Stephen Gluckman of Penn Travel Medicine shares tips for preventing mosquito bites.

The first step is to use a good insect repellent containing DEET. You can also use an insecticide like permethrin/pyrethrin on your clothing.

Remember to avoid mosquito bites while you sleep by sleeping under a bed net or in a screened room.

Finally, place yourself in front of a strong fan. Mosquitos’ wings are not strong enough to fly in that environment, which makes it a safe and effective strategy for avoiding their bites.

Travel safely and have a good trip!

Whether you’re preparing for a trip or a returning traveler concerned about exposure, visit the experts at Penn Medicine. Penn Travel Medicine is the first and most comprehensive travel medicine program in the Philadelphia region.

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