20 Feb 2017 30:37 1,648
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Amish Sawing a big Maple log!! Sawing logs is what they do and this log is a little bit bigger than what they usually cut...that’s what makes the video a little more interesting!! Finally got a video of Amish sawing up the log that Mike cut a little while back!! Sawing up this huge maple was not an easy task!! The boys did an Awesome job of turning it into fine boards! This mill is run by a 150 HP Perkins Diesel! Seeing this mill was a blast for me, especially with this mighty big log!! I did have to cut it twice with the Husqvarna 576 XP G!! After that the boys were able to saw it up!! This isn't no wood mizer!! This big log can't stop the guys from getting the job done. Sawing timber is there specialty. Man can these boys work!! The wood looks beautiful comping off the saw!! They got about 500ft off this maple log!! Logs to lumber!! These boys are extreme! Snow, rain, hail, they just keep sawing logs! Extreme Sawmill! it took us a little while to get things rolling because they don't usually saw logs this big. If you look at the other logs at the mill they are much smaller. This was a special saw log for us because they wanted to saw the beast!

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