What Is Vaginoplasty? | Plastic Surgery

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We're going to discuss vaginoplasty. Basically this is a term that describes surgical procedures of the vaginal and its surrounding structures. Vaginoplasty specifically involves the vaginal canal and the tightness of the vaginal canal. With age and with childbirth a woman's vagina tends to increase in laxity and decrease in tightness. There are several procedures available to help correct that laxity.

The most common procedure performed is a vaginoplasty. And what occurs during a vaginoplasty is a small amount of one of the walls of the vagina, including the mucosa layer and a little bit of the muscle underneath is removed and the remaining anatomic structures are sewn or sutured back together. And what that does is it increases the tightness of the vagina. And the benefit of increasing the tightness is for sexual purposes. Many women will tell you - and many men will tell you - that sexual satisfaction goes up after vaginoplasty surgery. So that's a basic overview of vaginoplasty surgery.

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