1918 fully restored Jelbart Tractor...Francis Ransley, Videos from Mary the Supergranny

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Mary Bosveld, The Supergranny introduces Francis Ransley, Restorer Extraordinaire of "Veteran Machines" fully restored 1918Jelbart Tractor...The Supergranny makes a Video on the magnificently restored Jelbart "veteran machinery". She interviews Francis & presents it for your enjoyment....


1918 JELBART (No.6, 10 BHP)

Jelbart Tractors were produced by Jelbart Brothers in Ballarat, Victoria between 1914 and 1926. They are powered by Jelbarts own 1 Cylinder, 2 Stroke engine with Hit and Miss governing, and running on crude oil.

Jelbart tractors were very well made and innovative. The only part of the tractors not made by Jelbart was the Bosch Magneto. They made tractors from 10 BHP to 50 BHP capacities.

This tractor was found on the rubbish tip at Perenjori, Western Australia, 400km north east, of Perth in the northern wheat belt by Rod Sprigg in 1968. The remains were taken to Perth, and despite 18 years of searching, Rod could not get parts to restore the tractor completely. In 1985 he sold the remains to Dale Connington from Winchelsea in Victoria, who had most of the parts needed to finish the tractor.

The opportunity to bring one of these extremely rare iconic Australian tractors to Tasmania arose in September 2007, when Dale sold the tractor to Francis Ransley. Francis had the tractor fully restored and running within a few short months, by March 2008.

The Number 6 rating of the tractor refers to the fact that it can do the work of 6 horses, while 10 BHP refers to the fact it has 10 belt horsepower capacity. The tractor runs on petrol, kerosene or crude oil.

There are only three known No. 6 tractors that exist in Australia today. This is the only restored one .


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