Prodigy Math Game-Episode 44-ROAD TO LEVEL 100 PART 3!!

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Hit level 99!!!
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Prodigy: Long ago, in a age of magic and wonder, there were six master wizards, called the Wardens. Together, the Wardens built a super- fantastic castle, and they called it "The Academy". A place were young wizards learned the ways of magic...monsters...and a third...thing...But one day, one by one, the Wardens Vanished...and The Academy closed its doors until the day they returned. Now, The Academy needs...a PRODIGY! Someone of courage! Strength! Character! Someone just like you!

by: Smarteacher!

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Prodigy Game: A FREE ENGAGING MATH GAME FOR KIDS GRADE 1-8! Created by Smarteacher inc!
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Publishers: Smarteacher

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