Arturia Keylab 88 MKii - Is it really the BEST?

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Note: In the video I say that the Keylab is a "sequencer," but it does not have a sequencer built-in. It is a controller for software or hardware sequencers.

In this video I review and demo the best features of the Arturia Keylab Mk2 and test out the key feel of the hammer action keys. The Arturia Keylab MKii is a midi controller keyboard and hardware synth controller. It has a lot of features to help you control your DAW including Ableton, Logic, Cubase, Reaper, ProTools, and many others. The Keylab also controls Arturia Analog Lab and the virtual instruments by Arturia giving you hands on control to sculpt sounds and you compose or perform. Music Radar named the Keylab MK2 the best midi controller and sequencer of 2019 and I go through all the reason why it may be the very best.

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