Frame and Book: The Movie [BL, Eng Sub, SD]

09 Aug 2016 01:47:11 411
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Scenes from Make It Right The Series Season One that involve Frame and/or Book, and tell the story of their relationship.

All content belongs to its respective copyright owner.

Subtitles based on the translations on the LittlePrince, Hati Cinta and PHITSANU CHUAMUANGPHAN channels, but edited for grammar and phrasing.

As I don't know Thai, corrections are welcome in the comments! I'm sure some of the captions aren't correct or complete translations.

You can watch the complete first season (second season will be in 2017) on the
Hati Cinta channel:
or the

The word "Movie" in this video's title was intended to convey that it is in movie format rather than series format, i.e. almost two hours of continuous video not a series of episodes.

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