Amazing story about the wolf’s loyalty

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Amazing story about the wolf and the dog.
In today's vido we will tell you an amazing story about the wolf’s loyalty that was experienced in Russia, in a small village located near the forest.
In the forest there was a forester's house, but only Valentine and her little son lived there. There was also a #dog of an unknown breed, big and black, which barely survived. The husband of this woman died in a fire. The house where the husband and their little son slept caught fire. Valentine at this time was in the city, went for groceries for the family. Throwing himself into the burning house, the dog pulled the child out. The boy almost suffocated in the smoke, and the woman barely left the burnt alive dog. In gratitude, he paid her truly sons love. Unable to live in the village where the tragedy happened, Valentine asked the chairperson to appoint her to the place of an elderly forester who had long been looking for a replacement. The chairman resisted at first. Have you ever seen a woman alone with a child in a deep forest full of wolves and bears? But Valentine was persistent and achieved her. So they three healed: Valentine, her son and faithful dog. At first, the chairman often called on the guests, checking them, but soon he realized that the new forester in a skirt did a good job and left them alone. The first winter was calm, and in early spring the dog began to disappear for a long time in the forest. The woman did not know what to think, anxiously awaiting the late prodigal dog. But one day the dog did not come alone. A young she-wolf stood on the edge of the outskirts of the house. This is how the reason for delays and disappearances was revealed. A young family settled in a booth. And everything would be fine, but the wolf did not want to put up with the presence of a man. As soon as the woman approached the booth, she immediately hid, growled and grinned. One night, a dog scratched at the door and quietly whined. A woman jumped into the yard. He led her to the booth. The she-wolf lay on the litter and could hardly breathe. Valentine climbed inside and gently sentencing began to feel her. The wolf weakened by the disease did not resist, only quietly whined. All bones were whole, mouth clean. What happened? The woman did not know what to do. Alarmed, the dog was lying next to his girlfriend in the hope of looking at Valentine. Valentine looked at him and then a thought occurred to her. Maybe a wolf will help dog medicine? She brought a first aid kit and put the injection. And then puppies were born - real wolves. Only growth and color went to the father. But with joy came sorrow. A month later, protecting the house from the bear, the dog died. Valentina buried him next to the big white birch. The wolf did not leave the woman and remained faithful to her. But human life is not infinite. The chairman was driving to the forester's house when suddenly a wolf rushed at the feet of a horse. Miraculously restrained in the saddle, he had already pulled his gun from his shoulder when suddenly he recognized Valentina's wolf. The wolf darted along the road and whined. Sensing something was wrong, the man urged the horse on. He found the woman in the house already cold. A called paramedic said that his heart had stopped. At night the whole village could not sleep, the wolves howled. And what happened to the wolf and her puppies? - you may ask. They went to the forest. They say that a wolf did not let a single wolf to her until death, and three years later she was found dead at the dog's grave. The chairman buried her close. Puppies grew up and became leaders. They also had children. And the most amazing thing is that the flocks who had black leaders never attacked people and cattle. And the hunters did not touch them either, since they remembered the faithful dog and his girlfriend. “The skin is black, and the soul is white,” they said about them. Such is the story of love and loyalty.

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