Top 10 iPhone 7 Wallet Cases - Do you need a full wallet replacement or something on the go?

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Need to keep a couple of cards with your iPhone or are you thinking about replacing your wallet all together?

Top 10 iPhone 7 Wallet Cases (with Amazon buy links)
#1 Moshi Overture -
#2 CM Q Card Case -
#3 Urban Armor Gear Metropolis -
#4 Silk Innovation Vault -
#5 Spigen Wallet S -
#6 Danny P Wallet -
#7 X-Doria Engage Folio -
#8 UOLO Wallet -
#9 Spigen Slim Armor CS -
#10 Incipio Esquire Credit Card Case -

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#1 Moshi Overture

The Overture is a full on wallet replacement made from vegan leather. There are enough slots to hold 4 cards, slots for a decent amount of cash and an access card. The case will also double as a kickstand and has a built in microfibre cloth.

My only concern is that the cover isn't latched.

#2 CM Q card case

In my opinion, this is the best on-the-go wallet case that you can get. This is another product made by Silk Innovation but unlike the vault, the Q card case is much thinner but doesn’t offer the same easy accessibility of the Vault.

The cards sit in leather cover which is nice for those who need a bit of class to your case and there is a slot to use a card to turn your wallet case into a kickstand.

#3 Urban Armor Gear Metropolis

From my perspective, the Urban Armor Gear Metropolis is the best on the go wallet case with a cover. Why? Because the texture on the case is awesome and the magnetic latch keeps the case together during a drop because it latches on in the back.

The biggest downside of this case in my opinion? It might hold two cards. Might.

#4 Silk Innovation Vault

The Silk Innovation Vault is another on-to-go wallet case. The Vault is basically one big piece of plastic but Silk Innovation was quite smart with the design. Every card that you put in to the case (I got 4 in) can be easily taken out.

The only gripe that I have with this case is the size of this giant piece of plastic.

#5 Spigen Wallet S

The iPhone actually sits in a Spigen Thin Fit which is pretty awesome since we’re big fans of the soft-rubber coating on the case. Unlike other full wallet replacements, the Spigen Wallet S can be used as a kickstand.

This case has a lower capacity than other wallet replacements.

#6 Danny P Wallet

The Danny P Wallet is one of my favourites. If I had to use a wallet case on a daily basis, it would be the Danny P Wallet. This wallet case holds more than the average wallet which is great as I was able to fit bills, multiple cards and a access card without any issues.

The biggest problem is the lack of access the case offers your iPhone. When it is in the case, you can’t use your iPhone. You can access Apple Pay but that’s about it.

#7 X-Doria Engage Folio

This is another on the go wallet case that is quite slim, holds two cards and has a magnetic cover. I thought this was going to be a great case but you can't use the cards and a glass screen protector at the same time.

#8 UOLO wallet

The neatest feature of this case is that the iPhone (or any other smartphone) slides up. This is a neat feature but I'm not sure how much usable it is.

This is a full wallet replacement that holds several cards and cash. My only gripes are the shiny look of the case and the zipper.

#9 Spigen Slim Armor CS

If you’re looking for a tougher than average wallet case, the Spigen Slim Armor CS might be for you. The Slim Armor is a little different as you slide cover down to access the cards. It works but it isn’t as slick because the cover has a bit of give to it.

The case will hold 2 cards and a couple of bills or 3 cards.

#10 - Incipio Esquire Credit Card Case

This is on on-the-go case that looks fancy, has a nice feeling back and can only hold 3 cards or 2 cards and cash. The case will slide around easily which isn’t great and Incipio includes a back protector for your iPhone since there isn’t anything there.

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