17 Scariest Images from Our Past

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From Urban Druids, to the Egyptian Mummy Salesmen, these are 17 SCARIEST Images From Our Past !

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17. All in the Family
Follower of Charles Manson were brainwashed by his philosophies and outlook on life. He gained so much control over his closest cult members that he commanded them to kill and they listened. Here see the women who participated in the Sharon Tate murder, arriving to court with their heads shaved and an eerie smirk on their faces.

11. Mummy Salesman

10. The Muse Brothers

3. The Urban Druid
There was speculation on what this photo was meant to represent. Many had believed it was a person dressed up like a druid who was performing sorcery but that isn’t the case. Although the person is dressed up like a druid, that not what this photo is about. This was actually a part of an environmental protest in Amsterdam, taken in the 1960’s. The creativity of the outfit however is quite frightening.

2. Grace McDaniels
Sideshows around the US were popular attraction where many people would pay to see people with abnormal deformities. They would often come up with cruel, false nicknames, comparing people to animals. This woman we see here, was named Grace McDaniels, but while working for the circus, she went by the mule-faced woman. She suffered from a parasitic disease known as elephantiasis that that affected her lips. She eventually had a kid, fathered by a carnival worker but her son was anything but supportive. He was often found mocking her for her disease and basically controlled her life.

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